In this day and age of higher pharmaceutical scrutiny both in manufacturing and cost; hospitals, clinics, and surgery centers alike are finding more ways to justify outsourcing their sterile pharmacy needs. The advantages of outsourced sterile compounding are three fold: improved patient safety & quality, favorable cost benefit, and efficient time management.

Improved Patient Safety & Quality
  • Medications are unit dosed and patient ready with consistent labeling. This means that on-site admixing or manipulation is not necessary. Limiting the amount of human interaction needed to prepare a patient medication introduces less chance for error.
  • A trusted and consistent provider of sterile compounds can provide hospital and clinic staff with a high level of consistency across the administration of medications from labeling to customer service, allowing staff to spend more time on patient care.
  • Premier Pharmacy Labs, a registered 503B outsourcing facility and PCAB accredited compounding pharmacy, ensures the most rigorous standards of manufacturing quality and safety. We adhere to all applicable state and federal regulations including USP 797, cGMP, and employ only licensed pharmacists and technicians. Our clients can be confident that when selecting Premier Pharmacy Labs as their outsourcing partner of choice, they are receiving the highest quality preparations available.
Favorable Cost Benefit
  • Outsourcing with Premier Pharmacy Labs saves money by reducing pharmacy waste. Give the right drug at the right amount to each patient every time. Avoid wasted doses and partial use medications.
  • Let Premier Pharmacy Labs manage the inventory. Order only what you need when you need it. Prompt shipping and validated shelf life ensure product availability and maximum shelf life. Avoid the old days of repeatedly retrieving expired medications and save on costly employee time.
Efficient Time Management
  • Sterile outsourcing allows customers to take control of their time. Outsourcing high volume and/or labor intensive sterile preparations can provide customers with more opportunities to efficiently manage staff and put strained budgets to better use.
  • Outsourcing will help reduce the time spent sourcing drug shortages. With a preferred outsourcing facility and a centralized ordering solution, Premier Pharmacy Labs can save customers precious time. A recent ASHP study indicated that hospital pharmacies spend roughly 17 hours per week on short-supply sourcing.¹

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¹Kaakeh R, Sweet B, Reilly C, Bush C, DeLoach S, Higgins B, Clark A, Stevenson J.  Impact of drug shortages on U.S. health systems. Am J Health-System Pharm. 2011(October 1); vol. 68:1811-1819.