About Premier Pharmacy Labs

Premier Pharmacy Labs is a leading FDA registered 503B sterile compounding facility servicing hospitals, surgery centers, and physician clinics throughout the United States. We are committed to the highest levels of patient safety and product quality by compounding in state-of-the-art FDA regulated facilities that meet or exceed 503B requirements, USP <797>, and applicable state regulations.

Premier Pharmacy Labs is partnering with hospitals and other patient care organizations to help create a dependable sterile supply chain that introduces cost savings and efficiency into the challenging and changing market environment.

Premier Pharmacy Labs invites hospitals and other provider groups and networks to visit our facilities to learn more about our quality control processes, adaptive culture, and technology. We are always available to discuss how our services can drive cost savings and maintain the highest levels of patient safety and care.


At Premier Pharmacy Labs, patient safety has no compromise. Our facility, equipment, and processes assure we can meet the requests of our clients by delivering timely medications to the patients that need them most.