An FDA Registered & Inspected 503B Sterile Compounding Pharmacy


Premier Pharmacy Labs is committed to sterile compounding excellence. We were one of the first pharmacies in the United States to register as a 503B outsourcing facility (see FDA 503B). Premier has increased its resources and revenues towards expanding the sterile operations of our business. Adhering to GMP manufacturing standards is something new to all compounding pharmacies across the US and Premier is pushing to stay ahead of the mark with continued investment and innovation.

FDA cGMP sterile compounding pharmacy


Premier Pharmacy Labs has a growing number of capabilities that span the healthcare sector. We employ pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, GMP experts, and microbiologist for operations in 503B compounding, clinical trials, discovery research and contract manufacturing. We are uniquely suited to address a multitude of healthcare market opportunities.


As a producer of many sterile injectable human preparations, we take quality very seriously. We have devoted significant time and resources into every aspect our of quality control program, which includes comprehensive documentation available for clients and partners. Come see why Premier Pharmacy Labs is the most transparent 503B pharmacy in the market.


Premier Pharmacy Labs is headquartered in Spring Hill, Florida. Since becoming a cGMP facility, Premier has invested substantially into facility upgrades, including state of the art equipment and cleanrooms. We invite all partners and customers to visit our facilities to see how we have a built technology and quality into our entire operation.


The FDA is encouraging all hospitals, surgical centers, universities and ophthalmologists to utilize the services of a registered and inspected 503B outsourcing facility to meet their admixing, repackaging and sterile compounding needs. As the laws and regulations expand, only 503B outsourcing facilities like Premier Pharmacy Labs will be able to fulfill your sterile compounding pharmacy needs. See Full FDA Statement

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Premier Pharmacy Labs Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Specific Sterile Injectable Products Lots Due to a Potential Lack of Sterility Assurance

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